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Very happy

Love the colour
Just what I wanted
Service was impeccable the site was supper easy to follow packaged beautifully and arrived in no time

Aviator harness horrible

I’ve been free flight training birds for a while and after readying the hype over aviator harnesses thought I’d give one a go. Honestly, I’m not not impressed.
Firstly, the fact you can’t detach the lead is madness as a bird needs to feel comfortable first and foremost in a harness without a long dangly thing below them. Massive design flaw.
Secondly, under flight the harness has the ability to ride up under the wings aggregating the joints… no matter how well you fit it (admittedly this is the conversation on a dozen macaws).
Overall I didn’t like and it’s in the bin

Budgie Mix

I bought this in store to try for my fussy budgie. He eats most of it. The coconut & rolled oats are small but I need to break into smaller pieces else he wont touch it. I have tried other brands but found this to b the best & it has so many ingredients. So I recently purchased online as I couldn't get to store. Not disappointed everything packed with care.

Bird Gym

This is light weight & easy to put together. He jumped on as soon as I put it together which is great. I bought this for my budgie as another area for him to sit instead of on the top of his cage. Its good when he wants to be with in another room as it is so easy to move around. A bit wobbly but perfect for price & use.

Our spotted doves love this!

A wonderful mix, which the native spotted doves absolutely love. Very happy with this mix, thank you.

Great fun

It took a while but my Rainbow lorikeet eventually destroyed this shreddy. Good interactive toy with owner to annoy and stir up your bird.

Awesome but Doesn't last long enough

My Rainbow lorikeet loves these. Use as a special treat to be destroyed immediately.

Glad I bought these.

Rainbow lorikeet loves the footie combo. Especially the one with the face which he uses like a weight lifter. The balls good too. He uses them through out the day.

Flock soaking blend

Just been given my bird - female eclectus - so do not know if she has had anything like this before but I can say she loved it - really got into it .

Perch holders

Best service best price around highly recommended getflocked

Exactly what I ordered
Arrived in specified time

My galah loves the new perch

Exactly as decribed! Birds love it

Shipping was fast and the items were exacly as they were described. My budgies love it :)

Cockatiel forage

My cockatiel loves this product. Thanks for making feeding her a healthy diet easy.

The bainbridge Shredz Postie Mail Pouch

Hi my eekie liked it at first but cannot refill the pouch as she has destroyed it. So I'll have to come in and find another toy. Maybe ideal for a less destructive bird. 🦜

It's a winner

I've found pieces of it at the bottom of the cage, so I know he likes it.

Bird loves it

My bird likes a wide perch and I find him sitting on this one all the time.

As described

Seems solid and had no trouble installing it. My bird doesn't like it but I bought a Small and I think his last one was a Medium. Oops. I intend to purchase the bigger one for him shortly.

Happy budgie

Budgie loves it. It's easy to use and keeps her water fresh.

Easy to use

I bought these to hold cuttlefish. It does the job.

Happy with rope zig zag perch

I'm very happy with this. It's sturdy enough to bend into the shape that suits the cage. I bought the Medium size for a cockatiel (with feet trouble). He settled onto it very quickly.

As described

I misjudged the size and this is bigger than I expected. Probably best for a large bird, but I'm sure mine will enjoy destroying it when he decides its safe to nibble.

Product was what I ordered and arrived in mint condition and within the time frame allocated.

Loves munching it on all the time