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Based on 442 reviews
So good!

Got this a couple of weeks ago for a new Lovebird. It just adores the bell. Spends all day playing with it. I was worried when I got it this might be annoying, but the bell is just loud enough to captivate the bird and quiet enough not to be annoying for the rest of the household. Also before this the bird was very difficult to get back in its cage. But it loved the bell so much that now I can just jangle the bell a bit and it will return to its cage immediately. Honestly the best pet toy I've ever got by miles. Total game changer for us and this bird. It's also great that it's well made and bird safe so I don't have to worry that the bird will be harmed by it in any way.

Good, but my parrot has already eaten through it

Great product, but my bird hates it!

ergonomic and fun!

One of my budgies has one leg and I love that this swing allows them to comfortably swing, take a break, and hang out with their friends without it feeling awkward - I'll put a small millet spray on their for weekend breakfast meetings

Small bird essential!

It can be tricky to find hanging forage toys small enough for Parrotlets, so I appreciate them when I find them!

5/5 Stars - A Barrel of Surprises for My Curious Conures!

I'm thrilled to share my experience with the Bird Foraging Barrel of Surprises! My five conures have been absolutely fascinated with this toy that keeps them engaged with a variety of textures, shapes, and colors. Add some foraging treats for hours of fun.
With Kindness, Deborah
Thanks! Get Flocked 🦜

Passwell Parrot Delight!

My conures 🦜 love Passwell Parrot Delight. The response has been positive. All five conures devouring the treat with enthusiasm.

Thank you Get Flocked 🐦

Definitely a Favourite

This has been well loved and played with! Definitely a favourite with my 4 little munchkins!

Hours of Shredding Fun

My 4 budgies destroyed this in a couple of weeks! Kept them occupied. Would definitely recommend! It’s proof that birds need toys to shred and forage in!

Best crumble on the market and easiest to get budgies to eat when first getting them to eat crumbles! Wish I hadve known that mix this in 30% then 50% now I do about 60% crumbles half these half the cheaper passwell

Great price and company keep it up :)

Very good

My conure shredded the heck out of it so I had to buy another.

Happy IRN

My IRN is happy with this toy, nice and colourful, good size

Not for my Indian ring neck

My Indian ring neck had it broken within 24 hours, not strong enough, probably better suited for a budgie 🤦‍♀️

Seagrass Tent

Took a few days but Snowy loves it

My budgie loves his sea grass tent

The best foot toy

My boy loves his maraca and ball.
Highly recommend this bundle

Fantastic love them so do my babies

JMK Harness

Just love the JMK harness great camouflage colours

Super Bird Creations Mini Activity Wall

Love Get Flocked so fast with their service

Great harness

Great harness, this is a spare.

Opt-in not opt-out

Shipping protection should be an OPT-IN QA option, I.e it should NOT be the default.
When I processed my order I was surprised to see it as I had not selected it.

BUT this store is otherwise great and very helpful, esp Zac!