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    Raw For Birds Floral Banksia Chews 2 Pk (Excl. TAS & WA)

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    Discover the wonders of this eco-friendly Banksia Chew Toy, thoughtfully adorned with Organic Bird-safe organic Calendula Flowers, Rose Petals, Chamomile Flowers, and Lavender Flowers. Each Banksia is sustainably sourced, ensuring a gentle impact on the environment.

    The heart of this toy lies in the chewable Banksia, making it a perfect natural delight for your feathered friends to chew on. Not only will they relish the taste and texture, but the act of chewing also supports their natural instincts and keeps them entertained.

    Designed for all Parrots and Lorikeets, this toy is especially ideal for medium to large birds that love to engage in satisfying chewing and destruction. Add it to their foraging trays for an enriching experience that keeps them mentally and physically stimulated.

    Indulge your avian companions with this eco-conscious Banksia Chew Toy, and watch as they revel in the joy of play and exploration, all while benefiting from a natural and enriching chewing experience. Provide your birds with the best, and witness their contentment and well-being soar to new heights.


    We recommend storing in an air tight container in a dark cool place.


    May contain traces of gluten, seasame seeds, soya, lupin, peanuts and other tree nuts.

    Please note that the shapes of the toys may vary, adding an element of surprise to your bird's entertainment. Some ingredients are seasonal, and may not be present.

    Tasmania/Western Australia Restrictions

    This product is not eligible for shipping to Tasmania or Western Australia due to state biosecurity regulations. Buyers are responsible for any duties, customs fees, or fines incurred. Get Flocked accepts no liability for charges associated with confiscated items or fines imposed on the importer when importing these products.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Took my budgies a while to understand what these were but once they did they absolutely devoured them! Great sized treats to spoil them with every so often :)