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    Nino's Java Pandan Plait (10pk)

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    Introducing the versatile Pandan Plaits, the ideal chewable foot toys for your feathered friends! These plaited wonders are not only great for chewing but also perfect for crafting your own bird toys. Suitable for all birds, they provide endless entertainment and stimulation.

    Whether your bird enjoys a solo play session or loves to engage in interactive play with you, Pandan Plaits are a fantastic choice. The plaited design offers a variety of textures, promoting beak exercise and healthy chewing habits.

    Not only can these foot toys keep your birds entertained, but they also serve as a creative outlet for you. Incorporate them into DIY toy-making projects, combining them with other materials to create unique and engaging toys tailored to your bird's preferences.

    Designed with the well-being of your feathered companions in mind, Pandan Plaits are suitable for all birds, from small parakeets to larger parrots. Treat your avian friends to hours of fun and mental stimulation with these chewable foot toys.

    Invest in quality and ensure the happiness of your beloved birds with the Nino's Java Pandan Plaits. They provide a safe and engaging option for playtime, encouraging natural behaviours and promoting a healthy lifestyle for your feathered companions.

    For optimal safety, we recommend products should be provided under supervision. Please inspect toys daily and remove any broken or damaged pieces promptly.

    Approx. Dimensions

    12cm x 2cm
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    Customer Reviews

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    My little girl Charlie a sweet delicate green and yellow budgie 'covets' these from her bossy Sky Blue and white boyfriend Jesse. They both absolutely also love the seed pods.