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    Nature Island Manu Mineral Perch

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    Product Description

    Nature Island Manu Mineral Perch is available in three convenient sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. This perch comes with plastic washers.

    Crafted with the enriching essence of long-lasting Manu minerals, this perch is more than just a roosting spot; it's a source of essential minerals for your bird's well-being.

    Unlock the Jungle Secret!

    High in the lush Amazon rainforest, along the Manu River, wild birds have long sought out the natural mineral-rich clay. Now, your pet bird can enjoy the benefits of these minerals too. Our Manu Mineral Perch is infused with these long-lasting mineral compounds, offering your feathered companion not only a cozy roosting spot but also a delightful chewing experience. Give your bird the gift of nature's finest with the Manu Mineral Perch! Available in three sizes for your convenience.

    Approx. Dimensions

    Small: 13cm L x 3cm
    Medium: 20cm L x 3.5cm
    Large: 26.5cm L x 4.5cm

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    Rachael H.
    Very happy and quick delivery also

    Very happy and quick delivery


    Love the natural perches.