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    Inca Sulfa 3

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    Inca Sulfa 3 is a specialised antibiotic formula meticulously crafted to combat bacterial enteritis, respiratory ailments, chlamydia, and coccidiosis in caged ornamental birds. This innovative solution is tailored for beloved avian companions like canaries, budgerigars, finches, cockatoos, and doves.

    Our product is designed with simplicity in mind, effortlessly mixing into your bird's daily water supply, ensuring a hassle-free administration process.

    It's important to note that Inca Sulfa 3 is not intended for use with birds raised for egg or meat production. As with any medication, if you have any uncertainties regarding its usage, we strongly recommend consulting a veterinarian for expert guidance.


    • Inca Sulfa 3 is entirely safe when administered according to the recommended dosage.
    • Mixing it into your bird's water is a breeze, making the preparation and administration process stress-free.
    • You can confidently administer Inca Sulfa 3 over 5-7 days, ensuring a thorough and effective treatment.
    • Inca Sulfa 3 swiftly and effectively eliminates infections, helping your feathered friends on the road to recovery.
    • It's available in two convenient sizes, 125ml and 250ml, catering to your specific needs.


    120g/L Sulfathiazole | 40g/L Sulfadimidine | 40g/L Sulfamerazine

    Inca Sulfa 3 is a Triple Sulphonamide Water Medicant meticulously formulated to address bacterial enteritis sensitive to sulfonamides, respiratory disease (known as 'Coryza'), one-eyed cold (Chlamydia), and coccidiosis in ornamental cage birds.

    Please note that this product is exclusively registered for use with ornamental birds.

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