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    Featherland Paradise Windmill

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    Product Description

    Made of durable polycarbonate to stand up to even the toughest beaks, the Windmill is a very advanced foraging device.

    Simply remove top and insert food or treats. Your bird must spin the base, which turns the paddles inside the device. When the paddles turn, it moves the food or treats to the lower levels until reaching the bottom where it can be retrieved.

    Approx. Dimensions

    23cm (L) x 10cm (W)

    Recommended For

    Medium Birds - Quakers, Senegals, Indian Ringnecks, Port Lincoln, Rainbow Lories, Rosellas, Noble Macaw, Hahns Macaw, Medium Conures (Sun, Janday, Nanday, Blue Crown), Caiques, Pionus and similar sized birds.

    Large Birds - Amazons (Lilac Crown, Blue Front, Yellow-naped), Timneh African Grey, Alexandrine, Yellow Collar Macaw, Small Cockatoos (Goffins, Major Mitchell, Galah, Lesser Sulphur), Chattering Lori,  all Pionus Parrots, Eclectus, Medium Macaws (Severe, Red Fronted), Large Amazons (Double Yellow, Yellow Nape), Umbrella Cockatoos, Congo African Grey and similar sized birds.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Entertaining fun!

    My sun conures love this puzzle and are eager every time I refill it with different snacks. It didn’t take them long to spin and enjoy!