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    Feathered Friends Iodine & Calcium Bell 50g

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    Product Description

    This versatile tonic is suitable for all bird species, serving as a comprehensive source of essential iodine and calcium. The calcium content contributes to the prevention of soft shells, fostering robust feather and bone growth.

    The inclusion of iodine in the diet plays a crucial role in minimising feather and skin abnormalities and supports the bird's immune system, acting as a proactive measure against potential infections. This dual-action formulation ensures a holistic approach to avian health and well-being.

    Features & Benefits

    Optimal Bone Health and Eggshell Formation

    • Provides essential calcium for birds of all life stages.
    • Supports robust bone health and facilitates proper eggshell formation.

    Thyroid Gland Support with Iodine

    • Essential for the thyroid gland in birds.
    • Aids in regulating body temperature, digestion, heart rate, growth, reproductive system, and nervous system.

    Comprehensive Health Benefits

    • Promotes overall well-being by addressing various bodily functions.
    • Dual-action bell treat ensures a convenient way to deliver necessary nutrition.

    Infection Prevention and Treatment

    • Iodine's role in preventing and treating infections.
    • Enhances the bird's immune system, contributing to their overall health.

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