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    Bainbridge Shredz Postie Mail Pouch

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    Product Description

    The Bainbridge Shredz Postie Mail Pouch is designed to challenge your feathered companion, encouraging them to pull it apart.

    The benefits for your feathered friends is providing birds with the opportunity to engage their cognitive abilities offers mental stimulation and helps to keep them active and healthy. Destroying these toys is evidence of your bird having a great time!

    Get creative and fill with yummy treats inside.

    Approx Dimensions

    36cm x 18cm
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    Customer Reviews

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    The bainbridge Shredz Postie Mail Pouch

    Hi my eekie liked it at first but cannot refill the pouch as she has destroyed it. So I'll have to come in and find another toy. Maybe ideal for a less destructive bird. 🦜