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    Bainbridge Bird Treat Holder

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    Product Description

    This Metal Skewer is perfect for sliding on pieces of fruit or vegetables. The clip at the top can then be hung up in any cage keeping fruit and vegetables clean and easily accessible. Now your bird can enjoy fresh fruit at any time of the day.

    Approximate Dimensions

    22cm Length

    Recommended For

    Small Birds - Parrotlets, Budgerigars, Kakariki, Plum Heads, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Small Conures (Green Cheek, Brown Throat) and similar sized birds.

    Medium Birds - Quakers, Senegals, Indian Ringnecks, Port Lincoln, Rainbow Lories, Rosellas, Noble Macaw, Hahns Macaw, Medium Conures (Sun, Janday, Nanday, Blue Crown), Caiques, Pionus and similar sized birds.

    Large Birds - Amazons (Lilac Crown, Blue Front, Yellow-naped), Timneh African Grey, Alexandrine, Yellow Collar Macaw, Small Cockatoos (Goffins, Major Mitchell, Galah, Lesser Sulphur), Chattering Lori,  all Pionus Parrots, Eclectus, Medium Macaws (Severe, Red Fronted), Large Amazons (Double Yellow, Yellow Nape), Umbrella Cockatoos, Congo African Grey and similar sized birds.

    X-Large Birds - Blue & Gold Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Hyacinth Macaw, Black Palm Cockatoos, Green Winged Macaws and similar sized birds.

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    Customer Reviews

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    The end doesn't twist off. Cross threaded?

    Bec T.
    Bird Treat Holder

    I had been looking for these for ages, and thought they would be great for my Alexandrine Parrot. However, he made it a personal mission to destroy the clasp that attaches to the cage. I now have a hook with no clasp. It works great and he loved it, maybe a little bit too much. Now he just pulls it off as I have no way of securing it to the cage.


    Treat Holder