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    Bainbridge Bird Crop Needles

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    Product Description

    Bainbridge Bird Crop Needles are designed to hand rear birds or medicate sick or injured birds.
    • Attach to the end of a disposable or re-useable syringe
    • Specially deisgned rounded ball tip for adminitering fluids or food
    • Allows fast and accurate feeding
    • Available in a variety of sizes from small to large
    • Individual Crop Needles are also available

    Full Set Includes

    8g 150mm
    8g 100mm
    10g 100mm
    12g 100mm
    14g 90mm
    16g 90mm
    18g 60mm

    Each needle must be selected depending on the weight and size of the bird. Experience is required when selecting the needle, the technique and volume to crop the bird. The needle size guide is a general guide when purchasing and should not be relied upon as veterinary advice.

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