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    Bainbridge Bird Bowl with Perch

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    A natural themed bird bowl which can screw onto any cage. Its built in perch makes it perfect for your bird to take a break and have a feed at the same time. 

    Another great feature is the attached coconut bowl which can only be used to provide your bird with dry foods only. The bird bowl is designed to provide a safe and secure feeding environment. Its natural design helps to stimulate your bird and reduce any potential boredom. The addition of a perch and coconut bowl allows your bird to rest and feed comfortably.

    Approx. Dimensions

    27.5cm x 14.5cm

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    Customer Reviews

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    Love it!

    Great little bird bowl and perch, for now we have put in their special gourmet seed from get flocked, which they love too. The perch and bowl hold well inside the cage and does not take up too much space. Love the natural look!