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    Avi One Arch Top Bird Cage

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    Product Description

    Avi One Arch Top Bird Cage

    The Avi One Bird Cages are equipped with everything your bird needs to stay happy and chirpy. Avi One Bird Cages are the perfect home for your pet bird!

    Features & Benefits

    • Bird safe construction
    • Spacious design
    • Easy to assemble
    • Includes perches and 2 x feeders
    • Includes seed catcher

    Approx Dimensions

    46cm (L) x 36cm (w) x 56cm (H) 
    Inside Height 62.5cm
    Wire Thickness 2mm
    Wire Distance 10mm

    Suitable for

    Small and Medium birds

    Suitable Stand (sold separately)

    Avi One Stand with Wheels

    Cages for tame birds which are allowed out daily, require a cage which allows it to spread its wings fully without any obstruction from cage sides and objects within the cage. Untamed birds which are rarely allowed out of their cages will require a cage large enough to permit some flight

    Note: Assorted colour combinations are available

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    One of the best place to get your bird products. The manger knows his stuff