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I really like this - and so do Snowy and Minty

This is really good for putting their treats on, and they can both eat from it at the same time and even move it around. I even stuck their sola ball on it.

Sola Atta Balls
Melissa C.
They loved it.

The boys ignored their sola ball for several days, even when I put it on their new treat stick. They discovered it yesterday - now I need another one!

My macaw and eclectus enjoy their zupreme

Smart small portion option

I was particularly happy purchasing this item as it having to buy large containers of meal pellets are expensive when you have a fussy bird. This way I was able to sample first. Thankfully my cockatiel likes this brand. So it's a win win.

Chew and nash

My cockatiel loves to satisfy her chewing impulses on mahogany seeds and is calm and content when there's plenty

Hungry for more

My cockatiel love this mix, except for the dried apple and banana, which she loves to turf out

My Ekky looooooves this food , and some of his dietary issues have been addressed, which makes me happy , he will stay on this product as long as it's available .The team at Get Flocked are amazing , polite , friendly and actually interested in you and your pet .

Great quality

My son’s conure loves it .

We repurchased this after a great experience last time, but unfortunately the product was different and much poorer quality this time. The wood blocks were smaller and the chain was thinner and weaker. Our Alexandrine chewed through all the chains in half and hour because they were smaller and all the blocks fell to the floor wasted. We had to remove the toy due to risk that he might swallow the chain links.

The Queen approves

She much prefers a warm shower/spa day, and a calm dry off under the heat without the boys bothering... and I appreciate not having her on the shampoo/soap holder! Great for window seats in other rooms, too

always prisitine condition on arrival, opt in not opt out

I think opting in is a good idea, but it should be an opt in not opt out option as some people don't like to purchase protection it should always be the customer's choice on the 1st instance. Having said this I have received all my purchases from this store in pristine condition an packaged perfectly. My birds absolutely love everything I buy and I know its all 100% bird safe.

Great harness

Easier to get on and off, compared to other harnesses I’ve used

Very good

My cockatiels like eating these pellets


My cockatiel much preferred the sola Atta balls over this one. She didn't touch this for a month and usually goes crazy with new things


My tiel loves these, good value product.

Very good

My cockatiel loved nibbling away at this

Nice quality seeds

Nice to find a base seed mix with no sunflower seeds. I mix in the forage gourmet seed mix into this one and my birds love it


My cockatiel loves nibbling on this and it's great that it comes in a roll as it will last a long time. I also like that's it's nice and colourful

Great mix

One of my cockatiel loves this seed mix. My other one is a bit more fussy with trying everything but is starting to get used to it and trying the new things. Overall happy with my purchase.

Very good

Even though it says recommended for medium-large birds, my cockatiel still had a lot of fun nibbling and playing with these. Happy with my purchase

So good!

Got this a couple of weeks ago for a new Lovebird. It just adores the bell. Spends all day playing with it. I was worried when I got it this might be annoying, but the bell is just loud enough to captivate the bird and quiet enough not to be annoying for the rest of the household. Also before this the bird was very difficult to get back in its cage. But it loved the bell so much that now I can just jangle the bell a bit and it will return to its cage immediately. Honestly the best pet toy I've ever got by miles. Total game changer for us and this bird. It's also great that it's well made and bird safe so I don't have to worry that the bird will be harmed by it in any way.

Good, but my parrot has already eaten through it

Great product, but my bird hates it!