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Happy IRN

My IRN is happy with this toy, nice and colourful, good size

Seagrass Tent

Took a few days but Snowy loves it

My budgie loves his sea grass tent

The best foot toy

My boy loves his maraca and ball.
Highly recommend this bundle

Fantastic love them so do my babies

JMK Harness

Just love the JMK harness great camouflage colours

Super Bird Creations Mini Activity Wall

Love Get Flocked so fast with their service

Great harness

Great harness, this is a spare.

Opt-in not opt-out

Shipping protection should be an OPT-IN QA option, I.e it should NOT be the default.
When I processed my order I was surprised to see it as I had not selected it.

BUT this store is otherwise great and very helpful, esp Zac!

Great quality.

Very impressed

I have had issues with my seed becoming cob webby or having things getting into it, unsure if it happens in the store or not but I was super impressed when this arrived in a vacuum sealed pack! Also with a note advising to keep it in the freezer, I'll definitely be back to buy again when I run out :)

Love it, thanks so much

I’ve bought this product before and the quality was much better then than it is now. Unfortunately, now this product is made from substandard wood which is flimsy and doesn’t last.

Harrison's adult super fine pellets

My bird loves them, thanks Getflocked!


Unfortunately, my Lorikeet did not like this powder at all and I had to mix it with something else, to ensure she drank it. I don't think I would buy this again due to the fact that my Lorikeet would not eat it. I am sure other owners of Lorikeets may find their birds will like it.


I mix the flowers in with the seed and the birds certainly enjoy them very much, something a little different from what they usually get. Will purchase again


I should have read the fine print on the size of the birds for this product, my fault really. I put some in a mortar and pestle and made the treats smaller to suit my cockatiels and rosella. They are still unsure of it at the moment. Otherwise, it is excellent the quality of the product

Vetafarm Aviclens

This cleanser definitely keeps the slime deposits away and certainly keeps the water fresh in its container for sure. Will definitely purchase again, when needed


My gorgeous Galah Betsy loves this brand of bird seed. As soon as I put it in her feeder, she is down into the thick of it and spends ages, picking her special treats out.


My aviary full of cockatiels love this mixture of seed and delectable goodies and thrive on it. The quality is excellent and lots of variety

Must have

My Galah just loves this mix. She devours it. A must have for your special feathered love one.

Misty loves her new toys
They are well made too!
They arrived very quickly.
Thanks guys!!

Arrived damaged due to inadequate packaging - item itself appears fine